Analysis | Every business, no matter its stage of growth or capabilities can benefit from becoming more analytical over time. Dependable data is the life-blood of thriving organizations.  As a baseline for all services, we offer a brief business analysis as a form of due-diligence for both of us. Deciding to partner is an important decision.  We want to make sure it is the right one.  


Strategy | Our futures' seem uncertain only because it appears we’re in uncharted territory. We’re facing new experiences. Adapting to anything new can often feel like leaping off a cliff.  We must take the necessary leap and let go of our outmoded ideas to embrace the new. We’re facing the need to let go of what doesn’t work about our old ways and embrace a new way of doing business. Today’s marketplace requires a new way of thinking, a new business perspective.   Driving growth, containing costs, leveraging cash, improving operational efficiencies, realigning operational models, key process improvement, attracting and retaining the right talent are all key to a sound strategy.  


Financial  |  Sound financial management is the single most important aspect of small business success. Bookkeeping is the linchpin. Utilizing your financial data as a management tool to grow your business is essential.

  A good system combines standardized practices and policies with individual skills. It’s your job to make sure your system provides you the most accurate and timely financial information necessary to make good business decisions. That means among many things, not settling for anything but a well kept set of books. A less than adequate system isn’t just inefficient; it costs you money and jeopardizes your business. You’ve heard it before: “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” If you don’t take the necessary steps to improve your bookkeeping system, you're putting your entire financial future is at risk.


Capital Development  |   We all know credit markets are tighter these days, especially for small business. Making sure your business is more credit-worthy is key it its growth and success. If you are uncertain of how you'll acquire the capital you need, have been turned down by conventional sources or require a smaller amount of capital, your going to need a new funding stratey. We've raised millions in capital and working loans for clients.  Our unique process helps you prepare for and secure the capital you'll need to grow your business.


Succession  |  If your business has survived past the start-up stage, and shifting economy, it's time to think about the next generation. Failure to plan for a more organized success of the business, family run or otherwise, can result in both financial losses and even potentially the loss of the business itself. We are specialists in the important transition to the next generation. It's never too soon to begin this important process.


Marketing | Everything is marketing and marketing is everything. Business today moves at the proverbial speed-of-life—if you aren’t prepared to fully engage and be smart, you and your business will suffer. Like it or not, your presence is demanded in two worlds: the real world and, more so every day, the online/virtual world. Resistance is futile. Make sure you’re doing everything it takes to transform strangers into advocates for your product or service.  


Personnel | Bottom-line, great employees come to us and stay with us because we've earned the right to have them. We earn great employees by taking the time to implement systems that attract them and hold their commitment. We take the time to set standards
supportive of productive relationships. Finding and keeping great people is a direct reflection of our own investment, as owner/managers to supervise and lead well. 

Functional Practices

  • Operations
  • Strategy
  • Management
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Personnel Development
  • Property Acquisition

Capabilities & Solutions


  • Business Analysis
  • Business Expansion
  • ​Capital Development & Loan Strategies
  • Succession Planning & Implementation
  • Operations Development
  • Interim Financial Management
  • Management Consulting
  • Industry Specific Coaching & Advice 
  • Business Plans & Planning
  • Business Plans for Loans
  • Strategic Plans
  • Succession Plans


Management Process Design & Development

  • Procedure Development
  • Procedure Handbooks
  • Technical Writing

Bookkeeping & Accounting

  • QuickBooks Pro Certified Advisors
  • QuickBooks Installation & Set Up
  • Management Report Development
  • Interum Bookkeeping
  • Tax Planning

Financial Status & Wealth Building

  • Cash Flow Management
  • Capital Equipment & Real Estate Purchase Planning
  • Line of Credit Applications
  • Credit Score Development

Strategic Human Resource Development

  • Hiring Process Implementation
  • Performance Appraisal Design
  • Personnel Policy Handbooks
  • Safety Program Implementation

Marketing & Branding

  • Marketing &  Promotional Plans
  • Service and Product ​Branding & Positioning Plans
  • Branding Plan Implementation

​​More >

  • ISO Certification Preparation 
  • Team Building Retreats
  • ​Recruiting & Training Programs
  • Customized Business Development Workshops
  • ​Public Speaking Events 
  • ​E-Publishing

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