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Peter Tonti is Senior Business  Advisor and Regional Development Specialist. For forty-five plus years Peter has been fixated on finding what works, connecting people and growing companies. His zeal for business and developing successful companies is only superceded by his gusto for life. Peter exemplifies the idea that you can "teach an old dog new tricks." More

Bruce Read is our Chief Financial Officer. For thirty-five plus years Bruce has been fanatical about finance. He crafted the company’s proprietary financial fitness work out programs. His passion is transforming client-business-owner’s pocket-books and practices from status-quo to outstanding. His joy lies in, believe it or not, tax planning, cost-controls, credit development and scores as well as instituting the most important financial best-practices necessary to grow and expand small businesses. More >


Brittanie Haberthur is our Client Services / New Media Coordinator. Brittanie came to us as an intern in 2008, while she was attending Sacramento State. She has been instrumental in our early adoption of social media methodologies that work for small business owners enhancing client services. Her passion is giving back to the community through good works. More >

Sherryl Dever is our Founder and Chief Executive Officer. For almost thirty years, Sherryl has been obsessed with entrepreneurship and the role of small business in the shaping of America. She conceptualized and orchestrated the program infrastructure for the company, developed and trained scores of consultants and has also been a part of the growth and success of over a thousand small businesses. Brief Bio.  More >